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“LOKI” Episode One – Review

“LOKI” Episode One – Review

Reblogged from Marvel’s new “LOKI” series is a wild, off-the-rails, jaunt through time – once again starring Tom Hiddleston as the Asgardian Trickster God himself. Following this first episode and the success of “Wandavision” and “The Falcon and the...

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Dilbert Had A Board Game? Apparently, Yes.

Dilbert Had A Board Game? Apparently, Yes.

Each summer, my husband and I enjoy looking at the rummage sales that pop up on weekends. For people who play board games, this can be a gold mine for reasonably priced (and sometimes very random) games. A couple of weeks ago we finally emerged from our COVID19 hermit...

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Snow Runner : It’s So Frustrating And Fun

Snow Runner : It’s So Frustrating And Fun

What's the Deal With Snow Runner? Snow Runner from Focus Home Interactive is about running barefoot through the snow while being chased by zombies. No, it's not. But that's a good idea for a game someone should make. In reality, Snow Runner is about driving vehicles...

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Horse Testicles are the Perfect Metaphor for Everything Wrong with Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a cowboy simulator from the makers of the Grand Theft Auto series that has one of the most incredibly realistic worlds in video games. And that is thanks to super-specific details like vast swaths of beautifully empty land, hair growth, and...

Dragon Quest FM Halloween Special: Spooky Monsters and More!

Welcome to our DQFM Halloween Spooktacular! Last year, we focused mostly on Dragon Quest’s spookiest moments. This year, though, we’re totally talking about the monsters. And not just any monsters, but the Halloween-themed ones (and the SPOOKY ones!). If you scare...

[Keywords] The Pokémon TCG and Approachability

Welp, it finally happened - I'm way into Pokémon cards now. I figured things were heading this way after I finally caved on both fighting games and MMO-style games within twelve months of each other. I tend to want to cover as much geeky ground as possible; call it...

Dragon Quest FM, S2 E25 – Dragon Quest IV Deep Dive (Episode Two): Characters and Companions

It's Week Two of our Deep Dive into Dragon Quest IV! This week, we're talking all about the main characters and playable companions that make this game so great. Warning: There are lots of spoilers for DQ IV in this episode! You can listen here: First, we talk about...

Playing Through Dragon Quest 3 (Part One): Early Impressions and Magical Moments

This week, we're moving to Dragon Quest III: Seeds of Salvation! Just like with the first two entries in the series, I played this version on my phone. I was excited to finally get to DQ3 because it seemed to a be a fan favorite, and a lot of people told me it was the...

Dragon Quest: Legend of the Hero Abel (Binge Club)

In the next few weeks, we're going to be doing a Binge Club/Watch Party for the Dragon Quest anime series, Legend of the Hero Abel. Not only will it be a fun time, but we want to geek out with everyone over the series. You can find all the details right here, in this...

Dwellin’ on the Past: Fun Times with the Altar of Ages!

Dragon Quest XI S is filled to the brim with content. In previous posts, I've talked about the mini-games and (some) of the Tickington content like Tockles and pastwords. And like I said last week, this time around I want to focus on a special part of the Tickington...

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