Let’s talk about Dragon Quest. The 33-year-old JRPG series has its hooks in us, and we’re okay with that. Austin is playing through the whole main series and blogging about it, and Beej is discovering and adoring the series right on his heels. From metal slime hunting to beautiful art books to trying to work our way around a Japanese Nintendo 3DS, we are having an amazing adventure with the series, and we want to share that with you with our GOO-reat Dragon Quest Podcast.

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Like all Geek to Geek Media shows, we keep a clean rating. DQ is about fun for us, and if you can play DQ with your kiddos, you can listen to our Dragon Quest podcast with them, too.

Previous Episodes:

DQFM 11 – Dragon Quest 2 (Listener’s Choice)

This week, we’re talking about Dragon Quest 2! We had a listener poll, and this is the topic you chose. A HUGE thanks to everyone who voted. We’re going to be discussing the game in-depth (plus the game is, like, 30 years old), so there will be some SPOILERS ahead.

DQFM 08 – Dragon Quest IV and VI

Austin and B.J. talk about where they are in the DQ games they’re currently playing. B.J. is playing DQ IV and Austin just finished DQ VI.

DQFM 07 – Dragon Quest Heroes 1 & 2

In this week’s episode of DQFM, we discuss Dragon Quest Heroes 1 & 2, originally released on the PS4. We discuss the difference in play styles, NPCs, and even towns from the mainline series.

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