Geek to Geek Media Spring Fever PARTY

The weather is turning warmer and thanks to COVID-19 vaccinations, life is looking brighter. We here at Geek to Geek Media think this deserves a celebration! From May 20th 2021 through May 31st 2021 we are holding our first ever Spring Fever Party. Live Streams, Q&A with our creators, and LOTS OF GIVEAWAYS!

Spring Fever Party Flyer



Thanks to the generosity of many of our favorite developers, we have a whole list of games to give away! Games such as Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield, Smelter, Kill it With Fire, and MORE! We will also be giving away quite a few 3-month subscriptions to our Geek to Geek Magazine. There will even be some physical giveaways of things such as shirts, stickers, and more. Keep a close eye on our Twitter feed to see when the giveaways open and close.

Q&A from Creators!

Throughout the party we will be posting Q&A interviews with our creators. These will be here on this site as well as on some of our various podcasts. Learn more about all of your favorite Geeks! Such as what skills they have to help survive the zombie apocalypse!


Besides our usual amazing streamers we will also have a livestream Game Night of our crew playing Among Us as well as possibly a one-shot D&D session.


Who knows what else we will be coming up with as this party goes on! Keep watching our Twitter and Instagram, as well as this website for more information as it comes.

We would love for you to join us on our Discord channel too.

Elinzia The Crafting Rogue

Elinzia The Crafting Rogue

Elinzia sews, she crafts, she crochets, and she plays a LOT of video games. She is the co-host of The Nerdberg Review podcast, host of My HGTV Addiction podcast, and runs the Etsy store, TheCraftingRogue. You can also find her RPG musings on

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