Introducing Geek to Geek Magazine and GtG+

Heeeeeeeey, geeks! You know we here at Geek to Geek love you! Well, we have some brand new news for you! We are making some awesome changes. All good things, we promise.

Originally, I had planned on making this announcement on April 1, but with the absurd number of false claims that get posted up on that date, I decided to wait  a bit.

Since we started doing the magazine on Patreon, we’ve looked at what works and what doesn’t and what y’all respond to. From the beginning, we knew doing a digital magazine was a trial-and-error venture, and we’ve tried, made some errors, and think we have a good handle on where things can go from here.

With all that in mind, we decided to rename the magazine to Geek to Geek Magazine, and include it as part of what we’re calling…

Geek to Geek+

This change will indicate our shift from solely video game content into a broader look at our culture in general, including pop culture, comics, cosplay, tabletop gaming, etc. 

We also have stuff planned like audio versions of posts that go up here on our site, sort of a Patrons-only podcast. As we grow and hit certain milestones, that will also include GtG+ game nights and streams with Patrons and other cool stuff like that. 

Where do we go from here?

The most asked-for content from the community has been even more podcasts and us getting into video. So we are definitely working on that for ya.  We have recently added Mating Habits of the Modern Geek to the network, and we have some new livestream shows headed your way in the next few weeks/months.

For me (Beej), as an example, I am going to be tossing out different kinds of TTRPG and D&D content for  the GtG+, from short adventures to items and spells, etc. 

So…what do you think? We’ve adjusted some Goals on the main profile page of our Patreon to show where we need to be to make cool, new stuff. And we’d love to hear from you!

What do you want us to focus on, geeks?

Elinzia The Crafting Rogue

Elinzia The Crafting Rogue

Elinzia sews, she crafts, she crochets, and she plays a LOT of video games. She is the co-host of The Nerdberg Review podcast, host of My HGTV Addiction podcast, and runs the Etsy store, TheCraftingRogue. You can also find her RPG musings on

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