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The most important part of geekdom is the people. We want to get together and talk about what it’s like to be responsible adults with jobs and families while still making time for the things we love. We want to make friends and, most importantly, make sure that everyone feels appreciated and that there’s a place for them. So whether your love is video games, comic books, movies, TV, fitness, knitting, woodworking, whatever…come geek out with us.

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Geek to Geek Podcaster, co-founder of Geek to Geek Media


Geek to Geek Podcaster, co-founder of Geek to Geek Media.

Ken Murray

Executive Producer – Geek to Geek Podcast , Patron Saint of Geekery

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Season 3


S3E47 – Listener Q&A 2018 – “Like Speed Dating For Nerds”

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Season 2

S2E7 – Hitman & Complex Game Systems – “March-ish”

Hitman & Complex Game Systems In this episode: If there is anything in the world Void loves, it’s a complex system that he can learn and exploit in video games. When he found out about Hitman, he jumped in and loved it so much, he gifted it to Beej just so this...

S2E6 – YouTube – “This is ENTERTAINING for you?!”

YouTube In this episode: For a lot of people, YouTube pretty much is the internet. It’s the world’s second largest search engine (next to Google, obvs), so we wanted to discuss how we use YouTube, get some great channels out there to you guys, and also find out what...

Season 1

S1E41 – Ask Us Anything Q&A – “He’s MY Bulbasaur”

Ask Us Anything Q&A In this episode: We asked, and you answered! Wait, no. You asked, and we answered! That’s it! This week, we did our much-anticipated Q&A episode, where you wonderful people sent in your questions for us to answer. We answer everything...

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