S1E2 – Writing and Self-Publishing – “Let’s Do This, I’m Watchin’ Some Fast Cars”

In this episode:

We talk writing, blogging, and indie authoring. More than that, we discuss about how the blogging community has changed over the past few years. We, Void and Beej, met in the comments sections of blogs, before social media had really taken hold.

Plus, Beej has published 4 novels, and he gives an in-depth look at the indie author process from start to finish. From the Kickstarter campaign for Birthright, all the way to the end that may or may not have brought him here, there might be something you can learn from it. Maybe. Who knows, though, right?

Weekly Geekery

Void: Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Beej: Marvel Battlegrounds for Disney Infinity

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