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Geek to Geek Plus (or GtG+) is what we call our premium content available through Patreon. (For just $5!)

All Patreon patrons get monthly issues of Geek to Geek Magazine, as well as early (or exclusive) access to network livestreams, game nights, and Discord events!

Help support our network while getting awesome content.

GtG+ members also get special Discord roles and channels, as well as input into what kind of content we create. As we move forward and reach different goals on Patreon, we will be adding Patron game nights and other cool stuff. 




So what are you waiting for?

Geek to Geek Magazine is a slightly different kind of gaming mag. We’re telling stories about games and their players. While our focus is games and gaming, we want to look at more than just news and reviews. (We do that, too, though!) There are even free bonuses in most issues.

Our goal is to bring everything from video gaming to tabletop RPGs back around to the people in the chairs, not 100% about the pixels on the screen.

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Every month the Geek to Geek Magazine will have a specific theme, and Patreon backers at all levels will have access to the entire archive of back issues, plus all past and present GtG+ content that is published while you’re subscribed.

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“Subscribing to Geek to Geek+ on Patreon has been the best use of $5 since I tried that Garlic Bread sub that Beej recommended that one time.”

-Future You