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Corpse Party (2021) – Review

Corpse Party (2021) – Review Game: Corpse PartyRelease Date: October 20, 2021Price: $19.99Rating: MaturePlatform: Xbox One (Reviewed), PS4, PC, SwitchEstimated Completion Time: 10 hours Party Like It's 1996 The Corpse Party series has a complicated history. I could...

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Arboretum: The Card Game Review

Arboretum: The Card Game Review

Quick View The Game: ArboretumHow Many Players: 2-4Age Range: 8+What Type of Game: Strategic, set collecting, tile placement card gameDifficulty/Complexity: LowAverage Length: 30 minReplayability: High What's The Story Well, there really isn't much story to Arboretum....

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[Keywords] Superstar Saga and Personality

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga is available on Gameboy Advance, 3DS, and Wii U. I've always loved it when Mario gets out of the Mushroom Kingdom for a spell. Sure, his classic platforming feels like comfort food, and - as Super Mario Maker makes abundantly clear -...

The Best February Nintendo Direct Announcements

Nintendo Directs get people excited no matter what. To the point that Nintendo fandom has a running joke about the number, length, and quality of announcements more than they discuss the actual games in the fandom. Regardless, we just got our first Nintendo Direct of...

Xbox Giveth (A Price Increase) and Xbox Taketh Away (That Price Increase)

As we usher in a new presidential term, we expect fluctuation in the economic market. However no one outside of Seattle saw this particular fluctuation coming. On Friday January 22, notified the public that its Xbox Live Gold users would be...

Founders’ Fortune (Video Game Review)

Founders’ Fortune is a Colony Sim game that just came out of early access.  You start with two colonists on an island and start building a new little town.  If you’ve played Colony Sim games before this all sounds pretty standard.  And it is.  And...

Did You Know: Dragon Quest II Inspired Trading In Pokémon

Over the next couple weeks (or months, or years), I'm trying to dive dive into Dragon Quest history and unearth some fun facts that people may not have known about already. We're also going to be discussing quite a few of these on Dragon Quest FM, so check those...

[Keywords] The Pokémon TCG and Approachability

Welp, it finally happened - I'm way into Pokémon cards now. I figured things were heading this way after I finally caved on both fighting games and MMO-style games within twelve months of each other. I tend to want to cover as much geeky ground as possible; call it...

Dragon Quest FM S2 E47 – Dragon Quest VII Deep Dive (Episode One): Main Characters

This week, we start our deep dive into Dragon Quest VII. We’re mostly going to be using names from Dragon Quest VII on 3DS, and if you’re confused as to why - check out our Translations episode or just the fact that this is a deep dive into Dragon Quest VII and NOT...

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