S1E3 – DC Superheroes – “Everybody Knows Batman’s Parents are Dead”

In This Episode:

We discuss DC comics and how every single person in the world loves Batman: The Animated Series. Anyone who says they don’t is a robot or lying. Or Both.

And we also touch on Arrow, the Flash, and the current slew of DC comics TV shows. There are just so many.

And then there’s DC’s take on a cinematic universe (or is this take 2, given the Nolanverse?). The grimdark feel is here to stay — but is that a good thing? This episode went live the same day that Batman v Superman released. Whatever we said or did not say, forgive us. We knew not what was coming.

But…there’s always DC’s video games, especially the Batman: Arkham series.

Weekly Geekery

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Geek Fitness Health Hack

You can bake Quest protein bars and turn them into cookies! And OMG…they are good. You can do it in the oven, the microwave, or the truly special way — on the dashboard of your car. Oh yeah.

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Void and Beej

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