S2E16 – Our favorite documentaries and non-fiction – “I never had a book that changed my life before”

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In this episode:

  • Beej watches a lot of documentaries and has lots of recommendations. Lots and lots. From tech to food to fitness to memoir and personal stories and pretty much everything he geeks out all the time. He. Loves. Documentaries. OMG. Even after we stopped recording, he kept texting Void about all the different documentaries he forgot to talk about.
  • We discuss gaming docs, audiobooks for non-fiction, vegetarian documentaries, tech documentaries, and all sorts of stuff. Beej really gets excited when talking about it because he uses non-fiction and podcasts and audiobooks to take other people’s stories and journeys and explorations into different topics and apply them to his life.
  • Both tend to agree in how awesome and important the information is and love the same topics, but just prefer to get them in different ways. Void, though, tends to look at non-fiction and documentaries in a different way–they’re neat, but he prefers to get the same information from articles and then move on to something else.

Weekly Geekery

  • Beej is in full-on prep mode for the Reader Riot book festival, doing TV and radio interviews left and right. Wish him luck that he survives the weekend.
  • This week on Void’s Persona 5 corner, he discusses the awesome music, the battle system and ambush mechanics, how bosses are like puzzles to figure out, and finding palace treasure. PALACE TREASURE! More next week!

Geek Offer of the Week:

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