S2E23 – Gaming Motivation – “Why do we even play video games?”

Gaming Motivation

In this episode:

  • This is a video games podcast, but we’ve never really talked about WHY we play video games–either certain types of games or even why video games over other types of media. 
  • We discuss what we get out of video games, and how we love that sweet, sweet dopamine hit. Void and Beej both look for different things in games, but they end up playing totally similar ones, too. It’s fun to see how people can get value in different ways from gaming. 
  • We discuss what games appeal to us, why, and how we look toward the future in terms of how we’ve changed our habits in the past.
  • We even have a tangent on when we play games, our sleep schedules because of gaming, and cool stuff like that!

Weekly Geekery

  • Beej watches Girlboss, Master of None, Handmaid’s Tale, and plays some more WoW!
  • Void found that he actually might like American Gods, played FFXIV Heavensward, started the Four Job Fiesta, and dove into Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds.

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Void and Beej

Void and Beej

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