S3E33 – Personality Tests – “I am very good at doody”

Personality Tests

In this episode:

  • We dive into personality tests because Void geeks out about them!
  • From the early days of DISC tests to the ever-popular Meyers-Briggs, we discuss how each of these tests work and why we find them fascinating.
  • But what good are personality tests? Aside from allowing you to do a lot of navel-gazing, you can use personality tests to hold a mirror up to yourself and actually find actionable points that can improve your personal life. It’s happened to both of us, so it can happen for you, too!
  • One of the points that Void brings up is that he differentiates between the science-based tests and those that aren’t.
  • We talk about the results we each get and how they may have changed over the years. And that you can’t just go by what each test titles the results. Beej is an Individualist in the Enneagram, but that doesn’t mean he’s selfish. Void has high Intellection on StrengthsFinder, but that doesn’t mean he’s a stuffy academic type.
  • Beej is an ENFJ, and Void is an INTJ. We are totally opposites, but also complimentary.

Weekly Geekery:

  • Beej is still playing WoW and also loved Crazy Rich Asians.
  • Void is consuming World War I media like Our World War, Guns of August, and Blueprint for Armageddon.

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Void and Beej

Void and Beej

Void and Beej, bringing you the Geek to Geek Podcast since 2016. @professorbeej and @grnmushroom on Twitter, and every other place podcasts are sold. Or whatever.

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