S3E45 – Fallout 76, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Multiplayer Gaming – “Fallout With Friends”

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Fallout 76 & Multiplayer Gaming

In this episode:

  • Void has been playing Fallout 76, Red Dead Redemption, and Draglia Lost which has gotten him thinking about where we both stand with multiplayer games at the moment.  We dig in about what’s working for us and what’s not.
  • We are both in a very similar place in terms of not wanting to devote a ton of time to them for no reward, but the way we want to dig in on that is different. Beej is into the more asynchronous multiplayer games right now, while Void looks at Dragalia Lost as a perfect casual filler because you get real-time interaction by killing raid bosses.
  • RDR2 is a fun experiment, but Void wanted a Wild West Horsey Game and has instead been given a Work Your Way East Oops Now You Are In New Orleans Horsey Game. It is a fantastic technological achievement, but Void wonders if the game may be better multiplayer because the world is so interesting, but the story is going in a direction he’s not happy with.
  • Additionally, Fallout:76 has some good ideas and looks promising, but the storytelling is hit-or-miss because of it being done through audio logs and terminals. While that isn’t a bad thing on its own, the fact that you tend to be in a voice party with others means that you can easily miss pertinent information and narrative because your party is either talking or wants to move on.
  • Additionally, the Fallout:76 world feels kind of artificially empty because of how the story is being told right now. That may change as the game opens up, though. This is beta, after all.

Geek Offer of the Week

Weekly Geekery

  • BJ did some MCU rewatching with Spider-Man Homecoming and Infinity War, is still playing Marvel Strike Force, and gets to go watch a live show of Double Dare.
  • Void gives a Gamefly update on Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Dragon Quest XI, Yoku’s Island Express, and Labyrinth of refrain: Coven of Dusk.  He also accidentally tangents the podcast onto the topic of different generations with a discussion of the book Breathing Machine: A memoir of computers.

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