S3E47 – Listener Q&A 2018 – “Like Speed Dating For Nerds”

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Listener Q&A 2018

In this episode:

  • Every so often, we ask you — our lovely listeners — to send in any questions you want us to answer on any topic whatsoever. And we do our very best to answer them.
  • You never fail to disappoint, either. We had to structure this episode differently than usual because we had so many, and we wanted to make sure we could answer each and every one.
  • From work/live balance to how to get into Star Wars, your questions were incredibly fun to answer. We got to talk about headphones and video games and children and comic books and even write our own wishful-thinking synopsis of Star Wars Episode IX.
  • We do these episodes every so often, so make sure that you keep sending in the questions on Slack, Discord, or Twitter. Or email us! Whatever works. We will keep track of them for the next Q&A episode.
  • Many thanks to the Venerated Questioners, without whom we would not be able to create such delightful audio broadcasts. 
  • Thanks for sending questions podcaster at large Rob (previously from the Comic Box), Ryan Fitzgerald, Shadowmaster, Ken Murray, Matt, Data Error, Ninjaboi333, Trouydlepower, Capsule Jay, and anyone else that we grabbed your question but forgot to grab your name!

Geek Offer of the Week

Weekly Geekery

  • Did you seriously not get enough geekery last week? No? Well, don’t worry. Your regularly scheduled Weekly Geekery will return next week. <3

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