S3E48 – Best RPG Video Games for Beginners -“So interesting but so intimidating”

In this episode:

  • We got asked on Twitter where the best place to begin with RPGs would be. Between Western RPGs like Skyrim and the jRPG genre like Final Fantasy, we thought this would make a great topic for a cast.
  • Starting RPGs can be intimidating because they’re typically dozens of hours long, with lots of mechanics and intricate battle and progression systems. 
  • We wanted to break it down so that you knew there are easily accessible options out there if you want to give the genre a try. Like Final Fantasy X and Dragon Quest XIII. We even talk about how Pokemon (specifically Let’s Go! Eevee is a great starting point for everyone).
  • We don’t really cover action RPGs in this (Kingdom Hearts, Zelda, etc.) because we feel as though they deserve an episode all on their own. However, Kingdom Hearts is a great place to start, as is Breath of the Wild.
  • If you’ve never tried an RPG before and want to just get into the genre without worrying about a lot of baggage, give Skyrim a shot. It’s on almost every platform, is totally affordable, and really brought (Western) RPGs to the masses. You will probably drop hundreds of hours in like most of us do.
  • And if you have any questions, feel free to ask on Twitter, Discord, or Slack.

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