G2G S4E12 – Superhero Burnout – “Let creators do their thing”

In This Episode:

We discuss superhero burnout and how we’re feeling about the upcoming MCU (and non-MCU) movies that are on the horizon.  

BJ is in the middle of an MCU rewatch, and is currently not too burned out. At least on movies. TV shows are a different story, and so are the DC movies, to be fair. It’s really just Marvel movies that he’s currently excited about, and that’s because we are getting the culmination of the past 11 years in a few weeks.

Void, on the other hand, wonders if he will see many more of them in the theater versus waiting for home release, but as we dig further, it turns out that his kids are finally hitting the age where they want to go and see them because they are just beginning to see the movies.

We discuss the idea that every Marvel movie at this point is someone’s first Marvel movie, and that changes the way we have to look at it. While we have 11 years of backlog and burnout buildup, newcomers are excited that they have that decade of content to immerse themselves in.

We also talk how this may be a Disney thing, too, because we are afraid Star Wars is going to get us on the burnout factor, too. It’s kind of already getting there for Beej in terms of the extra content that’s not movies.

Weekly Geekery

BJ has been playing old games like Wild Arms and Chrono Cross, making his own game in RPG Maker that’s going to be a sequel/followup to his Steampunk novel, and he gave Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon a try.

Void has been catching up on movies (and a lot of them at that!), failing at Baba is You and trying to explain its premise and doing a pretty good job given how absurd and weirdly fun it is, and playing Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It’s very hard, and he’s put in a lot of hours, and he has to stop. But he keeps going back to it and wanting to learn how to be better. That’s a pretty ringing endorsement from him.

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Void and Beej

Void and Beej

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