G2G S4E18 – SteamWorld Quest – “Cards are an aesthetic”

In This Episode:

We cover a quick main topic of SteamWorld Quest, and then we jump into an extra long Weekly Geekery since we skipped it for our Avengers Endgame spoilercast last week.  

In short, the SteamWorld games are pretty fantastic. They take a steampunk look and put the robots and cogs and gears into different settings. 

SteamWorld Dig is a western, SteamWorld Heist is in space, and now SteamWorld Quest is medieval fantasy. They all work so incredibly well that you almost forget you’re playing with silly robots.

SWQuest itself is a card-based RPG based on deckbuilding, but it does not play like that. The cards themselves are basically just facades for abilities you learn and choose from, and the re-draws are essentially just cooldowns you get every turn.

The game’s story is nothing special, but the graphics are beautiful, and the gameplay is far, far, far better than we had expected. If you’re looking for a fun, cheap RPG on the Nintendo Switch (and who isn’t?), you could do a lot worse than SteamWorld Quest.

And we promise: if you aren’t a fan of card-battle games, you can still like this one. Beej does, and he hates card-battles in RPGs.

Weekly Geekery

Beej brings some more JRPG love including Dragon Quest talk and Final Fantasy disparaging. He also finished Skyward, started the Wheel of Time, is researching local races, and is still playing MTGA.

Void finish the Katamari Damacy Boss Fight book, starting looking into meditation apps, is still hooked on MTGA, and actually played Magic: The Gathering in person with physical cards! Even his kids love it!

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