G2G S4E21 – Returning to Final Fantasy XIV (and other MMOs) – “I don’t know why she didn’t dump me”

In This Episode:

We discuss returning to MMOs, especially through the lens of Final Fantasy XIV in prep for the upcoming expansion Shadowbringers (it launches July 2).  

What in particular makes us start back into games like this that we know tend to be major time sucks? For Beej, it’s mainly friends. Having a social group to be a part of means a lot to him. And so does being able to find hella cool gear that makes his Red Mage look amazeballs.

For Void, it’s content, content, and more content. He dives in and becomes a game designer’s worst nightmare. He consumes and devours the content as quickly as possible, then moves on to the next meal. Err, we mean game. He comes back to MMOs like FFXIV when many patches of content are released, and he can power through it all without having to wait on most releases. He basically plays MMOs at the beginnings and ends of expansions — that’s when there’s the most content available.

He has a game dev friend who says he’s a Content Locust, and that’s the most perfect description of how he plays games that we’ve ever heard. It’s dead-on, 100% accurate.

We discuss what it is about FFXIV that keeps us coming back, as well as things that keep us going back to other MMOs like World of Warcraft. Or in Beej’s case…not going back to WoW Classic. It’s a cycle for both of us, and we decided to dig into what makes it that way. Let us know what the MMO cycle looks like for you!

Weekly Geekery

For geekery this week started a new Dragon Quest podcast called DragonQuest.FM that you can listen to right now. Can you guess what it’s about? He beat Dragon Quest IX, watched Dead to Me and Kim’s Convenience on Netflix and got over one heck of a stomach bug.  

Void has some lawn mower stories, he puts his dad on blast (heh heh heh), and goes through the prep for the Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta that’s coming up. If you haven’t done it before or heard us talk about it, he gives a great rundown in this episode. And most importantly, he found like 6 anime series that he really and truly enjoys! The main one being Restaurant to Another World.

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