G2G S4E22 – Spoiler Culture – “Shouting Spoilers Out Of Car Windows”

In This Episode:

We discuss… spoilers! No, we’re not trying to keep the topic from you. We are talking about how spoiler culture exists today and how radically different people can be when it comes to their reaction to spoilers.  

In terms of when we were first introduced to the idea of spoilers and keeping things sacred, so to speak, differed for both of us.

For Void, it was when Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was released. People would drive around at the book releases yelling what happened out of car windows and trying to ruin everyone else’s fun. 

For Beej, it was the movie The Sixth Sense when people wouldn’t even discuss the movie before asking, “wait, have you seen it yet?” because the twist was such a big deal.

And then there’s the idea of not watching trailers or partaking in reviews for fear of spoilers ruining the media for you, whether it’s a movie or a book or a video game. While for others, those are the sneak peeks and sometimes extra content that makes the wait for the new thing more enjoyable and great.

Plus, we can’t not talk about cultural movements like Game of Thrones or Avengers: Endgame because of the ridiculous way that we all reacted to spoilers. Even Disney was putting out a spoiler embargo until the first two weekends were finished to give people a chance to see it if they were really into the franchise. But then there’s GoT where people would spoil the events of the episode while the episode was still airing with the idea that if you weren’t watching it when it was on, you didn’t care enough not to be spoiled.

Just the idea of spoiler culture in general is interesting to us, and we wanted to give it a deeper dive than would have been possible otherwise. It came up during our Avengers: Endgame spoilercast, but amazingly, we didn’t have enough time to talk about spoilers while we were talking spoilers. So here we are.

Let us know what your thoughts on spoilers are!

Weekly Geekery

For Geekery Beej got Persona Q2, which might be the swan song of the Nintendo 3DS. It might be the last major 3DS release, but it has all the style of P5 on the PS4. He also (finally) started listening to The Adventure Zone and had a ton of questions for Void about the show. He also watched Always be My Maybe and John Wick (both of which are awesome) and got back into FFXIV Stormblood.  

Speaking of Stormblood, Void wrapped up all the Stormblood patch content to prep for FFXIV Shadowbringers, and he talks about how well the politics and different storylines are brought together to lead into the new expansion. And in more Final Fantasy news, Void has started up another FF series playthrough, and he bounced off of 1-4 for various reasons. Not that they aren’t good, but he thinks FFV is the place he will have the most enjoyment as he begins going back through the series chronologically.

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