G2G S4E35 – Staying With a Game Long Term – “Dragon Quest is bland on purpose”

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In This Episode:

We discuss what makes us decide to stick with a game long term and what can push us away from those games after we’ve committed to them. 

This might be in terms of an MMO and how it draws us in with the end-game gear grind, or it might be something like Overwatch that makes us keep coming back months after the last time we started playing.

The idea of sticking with a game is interesting to us, especially because of how Void tends to bounce off of games so quickly on some, but then invests deeply into others. And for Beej, he plays up to a point and then bounces, despite still enjoying himself.

So we dig into what makes us tick.

For our weekly geekery BJ has been diving into Collection of Mana and loving Final Fantasy Adventure while Void finally rewatched Avengers: Endgame and gave She-Ra a shot. Want to know what we thought? Gotta listen, friendos!

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Void and Beej

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