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G2G S5E34 – DC FanDome’s Coolest Announcements – “I’m going to buy more comics now”

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This week we talk DC FanDome and BJ’s surprise full day of watching it when he wasn’t planning on it.  Void watched all the trailers after the fact and has some thoughts on the video games that got announced.  Much hype ensues.

Beej had planned on watching 1 or 2 sessions about Wonder Woman 1984, but ended up leaving it on all day, just streaming, and maybe missed an hour or two total, but it was so much fun. With the lack of pop culture news and how serious everything has been, it was so nice just to escape into comics and have good news and people loving stuff. 

The top things that we talk about this wee are the new Gotham Knights video game and how it seems to change the Arkham games formula up, even though it’s not a continuation of that series — Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League is actually in that universe. Weird, huh?

The Batman trailer has us incredibly excited about what it will be like, and Beej just wishes they’d release Wonder Woman 1984 already. Because they’re not even saying the release date they’ve already announced, he’s sure it’ll get delayed again. However, the panels were great. The cast played werewolf and it was great. Love seeing them interact because they seem to adore each other. It was all worth it for the convo between Venus Williams and Patty Jenkins.

The Suicide Squad, both the movie and game, look far cooler than Beej would have ever thought, and he’s actually excited for it. Plus, there’s a giant shark-man called King Shark that you get to go around as and create carnage. And we all know how Void loves that. (I’m talking about Maneater, here, if you didn’t realize.)

Beej kind of fanboys out about the Snyder cut, and he didn’t mean to. Like at all. Guess that means he’s excited for it. Who knew?

Black Adam had a fun panel with The Rock, but instead of a new trailer, they showed a Motion comic, which was honestly cooler. I want more motion comics. Please.

Jim Lee critiquing fan art in real-time was just so cool. Y’all have got to check this out. There are also videos of Batman The Animated Series talking with Batman Beyond while watching the Adam West Batman show from the ’60s. It was glorious. Look it up.

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It’s all DC FanDome this week!

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