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S5E37 – Action Game Shows like Jedi Temple Challenge and the Floor is Lava

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Action Game Shows are truly amazing. Whether we are kids watching Nickelodeon GUTS and Legends of the Hidden Temple, or we’re adults binging Ninja Warrior and The Floor is Lava, these kinds of reality shows are never not fun to geek out about.

What got us thinking about this was watching the Jedi Temple Challenge on YouTube. Think of it like a Star Wars-themed Legends of the Hidden Temple that’s Hosted by Ahmed Best (formerly Jar Jar Binks, but now a Jedi Master!). He is joined by a snarky commentator droid, who might be one of the best droids this side of BB-8. It appears as though these characters are canon, too, so Ahmed has finally become something truly awesome in the Star Wars universe.

We also talk a lot about the best ones from our childhoods, including Nick Arcade (watch it here:, Double Dare (which Beej got to see live), Legends of the Hidden Temple, GUTS, American Gladiators, and more.

Beej also talks about why the Japanese version of Ninja Warrior (Sasuke) is way better than the American one. And Void gives him a lot of reasons why he should watch Ultimate Beastmaster on Netflix.

Weekly Geekery

Our weekly geekery this time revolved around Howard, Forager, the fantastic movie Marriage Story, and Greyhound. I would write up a bunch about them here, but…you should just listen. You’ll enjoy it more, haha!

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