G2G S4E14 – Video Game Remasters – “Remasters of the Universe”

In This Episode:

We discuss remasters in all shapes and sizes including the good and the bad.  

We wanted to talk about this because Void is working through the remaster of Assassin’s Creed 3, and it gave him a lot of thoughts about how the new games have a lot more going for them than he really expected. Going back shows the improvements the series has made.

That said, we discuss whether all remasters are good, bad, or even necessary. The Final Fantasy series has been remastered up and down, left and right, and some are great, and others are not so good. 

We also talk about how the remasters of the FF games is because SquareEnix lost the source code to a number of their games over the years. That’s why some of the remasters are such a mixed bag, and why some of the graphics are kind of hit and miss. Plus, it’s why we have no Final Fantasy VIII remaster or port — they simply don’t have the code.

You can read more about that here: https://www.vg247.com/2018/09/14/isnt-ps4-xbox-switch-port-final-fantasy-8-preservation-may-answer/

Dragon Quest is also a hot topic of remasters, where some of them have content that others don’t, but they rarely throw everything people want into one remaster. This series has a ton of them, even being remade for different platforms when a previous one didn’t perform that great. 

We touch on the Mario 64 remake on DS and just all the stuff that goes along with those kinds of video game remasters. You know, like Metroid 2 and Ocarina of Time and so on.

Best and Worst Remasters?

We also discuss the best and worst remasters out there for us. But if you want to know which games we played as remasters and realized just aren’t games for us anymore, you’re going to need to listen to the episode.

Weekly Geekery

Beej has been playing Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. It was an impulse buy, despite what he said last week. Wild Arms went on a hiatus because Beej despises random battles, he learned, but he’s going back once he cools down. And one of his favorite TV shows, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, had its series finale. And it gave him feels.

Void went to a museum and wants you to go if this really cool Egypt exhibit comes near you. He tried Golf Peaks, and listened to 50 Things that Made the Modern Economy podcast. He can’t recommend that one enough because it’s a quick and fun podcast that taught him why the Transformers movies came out before GI Joe. You wanna know now, too, right? Well, listen! He also started getting into Elder Scrolls Blades, and he thinks it’s pretty. Plus, he’s dipping a toe back into Magic: The Gathering Arena; however, he thinks the software itself needs some polishing (no friends’ list? Come on, people!)

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Void and Beej

Void and Beej

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  1. jstechgeek

    Beej was talking about he is done with FFX. When I picked up the remaster version for the PS3 I didn’t realize it was the international version. This created a whole new sub plot of the game that make it worthwhile to upgrade the characters as high as you can to defeat the evil Aeons. This is not in the US version of the game. Have you played the international version of the game? If not I highly recommend it. It makes it a different game.

    • B.J. Keeton

      I haven’t played the international version of X, actually. The only full playthrough I did was the original PS2 NA version.

      I’m really considering grabbing the FFX remaster from Europe on the dwitch because it includes X-2 on the cart instead of a download.


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