G2G S4E27 – 2019 Summer Games and Movies – “Mario Maker 2, Spider-Man, Shadowbringers, and More”

In This Episode:

We discuss a bunch of the games and movies that are finally releasing this summer!  We cover things like Mario Maker 2, Spider-Man Far From Home, FFXIV Shadowbringers, Magic The Gathering Arena Core Set 2020, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Stranger Things Season 3, and more.  Plus we sneak in some bonus geekery near the end of the show and Beej gets a new furry friend.

  • Things are finally releasing again!  The late spring / early summer slump looks like it’s over.
  • Mario Maker 2
    • BJ – Making levels is a lot more fun than I thought it would be
  • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
    • Void forgot that he never really liked the PS1 era of Castlevania games. He is having a decent time with it but thinks he had more fun with the 8-bit version, Curse of the Moon.
    • This feels like a modern iteration of the PS1 era of Castlevania games, so if you really enjoyed Symphony of the Night and want a modern version of that, then you really can’t go wrong here.
  • Magic: The Gathering Arena – Core Set 2020
    • Core cards and concepts that relaunch for the year
    • They only use evergreen keywords
    • It’s made to be much more approachable for new players
    • Not as strong of a theme, which made more of an impact on Void than hethought. He didn’t realize how much the theme worked for him in the last few sets until he saw this core set that is basically theme-less.
    • Mastery pass is like a season pass for the mastery tree and gives you bonus rewards
    • Void is a bit less excited now that he sees what the Core Set 2020 is.
      • He was most excited for premade decks because he loves piloting a good deck
      • You earn stuff at every level if you have the season pass
      • The free tier gets you things every few levels
      • No unlocking premade decks
      • It’s a new way to unlock card packs and cosmetics by leveling up
      • XP is capped per day
      • This replaces the 3 packs per week you could win before…(boo, hiss)
      • The actual mastery orb tree is an offshoot of the leveling ideas… but it only unlocks cosmetic card looks
      • The core of the system isn’t the mastery tree, it’s just the Fornite-like level up system
    • No more collection resets even though it’s still technically beta
    • Historic is any card currently in MTGA. Think Type 1 for physical cards.
  • FFXIV Shadowbringers
    • Character stories are as strong as ever. Expansion by expansion they keep getting better and better at writing really good emotional moments for characters 
    • Political stories are less interesting than normal since this is set on a new world that we are not nearly as invested in
    • Threads don’t get dropped, though. They’re paying off things they set up years and years ago in previous expansions.
    • Villains are much much sympathetic and understandable (for the most part).World consumed by light and they need to bring darkness back
      • They have legends about the warrior of darkness
      • It’s doing a great job of tying into past events and characters while still being a completely new setting
      • Kind of the Outland of FFXIV in a way… but executed a lot better. They mostly get away from the politics we know and it lets them tell more compelling character stories
    • Duties (dungeons) pull no punches, even right from the beginning. Everyone who has gotten to this point has made it through so many complicated mechanics in past duties that they know they can challenge us
    • Queue times are short because of the new tank class, Gunbreaker, which people are super excited to play.
  • Stranger Things 3
    • No Spoilers, but many feels and better than Season 2
    • The story is tying up to where the final season (Season 4) should be pretty satisfying unless they really drop the ball.
    • Hopper is awesome this season.
    • Eleven is Eleven, which is great.
    • Beej actually felt for Will this time around, which made him amazed.
    • And Dustin and Steve’s relationship continues to be the most delightful part of the show.
  •  Spider-Man: Far From Home
    • Beej loved this movie, and he thinks it is better than Homecoming, and part of the reason is that it’s so character centered.
    • The villain(s) don’t matter so much as the relationships and how they impact the characters
    • Such good discussions on Slack and Discord
    • Spoilers in the cast for this one that we couldn’t put in the notes.

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