S4E36 – The Age of Subscription Models – “I’m drinking subscription water right now”

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In This Episode:

We discuss the craziness that is subscription models.  They’re everywhere now from Netflix to tooth brushes to cat food. We went in thinking about subscription services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime. 

You know, the stuff that everyone talks about.

By the end of the discussion, however, we’ve realized that so much of what we consider as parts of our daily lives come as subscription services, too. Toothbrushes, kitty litter, even water bottles. We take advantage of the convenience they offer, but it’s at a price — we end up paying for overall than we do if we were picking up the items or products ourselves, individually.

Which is what makes it a successful business model. For games, for media, for physical goods. Our discussion veers wildly but it was super fun to talk about. With Void’s background in media studies and marketing, he really fell into discussing the back-end of things and how the subscription model can be better for consumers and for the business — if it’s handled well.

That doesn’t mean that having a thousand different subscription services are going to be good for anyone. We discuss a rise in piracy and the potential for burnout and even a return to what the cable companies dealt with in the late 80s and early 90s. It’s a great discussion, and it went in directions we didn’t think it would.

Weekly Geekery

BJ is getting back into Tennis with some refinished courts near his house, and he signed up for a marathon (a full marathon, no less) an hour before the show. He’s going to be running it with Capsulejay and RunRunRosie.

Void is struggling to fit in geeky time, but still managed to watch Alita Battle Angel and check out the previews for Magic The Gathering Throne of the Eldraine set, which combines Grimm’s Fairy Tales with Arthurian Legends into something that…just works. 

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