G2G S4E38 – Link’s Sayonara Goose Arcade – “Dedicated Honk Button”

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In This Episode:

All the games came out this week! All of them. Each and every one. From the new Link’s Awakening on Switch, the Untitled Goose Game that everyone is talking about, to Sayonara Wild Hearts and all of the dozens and dozens of Apple Arcade games released in the last few days. There’s a ton of Fall game releases to discuss!

And you know what? We discuss them all.

Or at least the ones worth discussing. We dive in pseudo-deep on Link’s Awakening because Void hasn’t been able to devote a lot of time on it, and Beej’s copy of the Dreamer Edition was backordered. We will be sure to discuss it more at length in future episodes.

The Untitled Goose Game is a delight. Without spoiling anything…there’s goose who’s a jerk, and you get to play as that goose and be a jerk. The puzzles you solve…involve being a goose and a jerk. It’s awesome. Everyone should play it.

And then there’s the piece de resistance…

Void Played Every Single Apple Arcade Game in 3 Days

Much of the episode is devoted to how many games on the Apple Arcade service (free month trial, then $4.99 USD afterward) are worth playing. We 100% believe that this service is worth the price, if you’re interested in mobile gaming and/or have kids and want gacha-less mechanics and some just legit fun games.

We go in depth on Sayonara Wild Hearts, What the Golf?, Various Daylife, Assemble with Care, Over the Alps, The Floor is Lava, Oceanhorn 2, Cat Quest II, Lego Brawls…and so much more.

Like…for real, this particular service is one that we didn’t expect to find truly great games on. And we were shocked. If you have been hesitant about the service and been like “nah, I don’t like mobile games enough” (like Beej was), then you should listen and give it a shot. Because these aren’t “good for a mobile game” games, these are just good games. At least a lot of them are.

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