G2G S4E42 – Link’s Awakening, Ring Fit Adventure, Little Town Hero, and Much More – “A Snail Victory is Hilarious”

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In This Episode:

  • Ring Fit Adventure
    • Much more interesting than Wii Sports ever was to me or Wii Fit
    • It’s truly a workout
    • Lots of sweating
    • Legit game, surprisingly
    • Mini Games
    • Offline mode
  • Link’s Awakening Remaster
    • Lots of Nintendo cameos
      • Mario, Yoshi, Chain Chomp, Shy Guy, Kirby, Boo, goombas, piranha plants,
    • 2D sections
    • The path through the game isn’t as refined or open as more recent games.
    • I love the open nature of the more modern Zelda games. Having to go back and do things in one exact order kinda bothers me now.
    • Overall, it’s ok but it made me want to play a better Zelda game
  • Overwatch Halloween Event
    • New skins make me want to play it a lot more
    • Gimme new Tracer
    • Also: The Switch version of Overwatch is stinky for a number of reasons
  • Dragon Quest XI S
    • Beat the main story. ~45 hours
    • Into the post-game, which is really cool so far.
    • They have a revelation in the last quarter which got me emotionally
    • This is seriously one of the most engaging RPGs I’ve ever played.
    • Not hard, though
  • Killer Queen Black
    • Competitive arcade game
    • Feels like a classic arcade game but… modern
    • Black is the online switch version
    • 3 paths to victory
  • Little Town Hero
    • Game freak RPG
    • Interesting ideas, fails in the execution
      • Thoughts turn into attacks and you have to manage your headspace
      • Basically everything is a boss battle
      • This game is way too slow
      • Dice rolls on a board in combat kinda like a Mario party board
    • Too random and luck-based
  • John Wick Hex
    • Turn-based, kind of but not really
    • Spending time in a timeline and everything moves at the same time
    • It pauses whenever you aren’t moving or doing an action
    • It’s almost like Super Hot by way of Xcom
  • MTGA Throne of Eldraine
    • Good, but complicated… which slows down the game speed
    • I think I like aggro and fast decks more than I realized
    • I love the theme and worldbuilding in this set
  • Quick Mobile Check-In
    • Grindstone
    • What the Golf
    • More Apple Arcade games have come out (~10) but I haven’t stuck with any of them
    • Mario Kart Tour
      • Beej has played every single day since it’s release
      • So many new characters. Every 2 weeks, it seems
      • Can’t wait on the Halloween event this week
  • Sayonara Wild Hearts album mode 
  • Dicey Dungeons
    • Void really like this game
    • Wish it was on mobile.  It looks like it will be but there’s no date yet so it’s PC only for the moment
    • Luck and dice rolls but the whole game is built around it and you get to build your equipment and approach over time
    • Every run lets you pick your character and you unlock more characters over time
    • Each character plays differently because of their core interaction with the dice

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