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G2G S5E20 – Playstation Vita Console Lookback – “The Little RPG Machine That Could”

PS Vita Console Details

  • The Deets
    • Nice big screen
      • Touchscreen
    • Mostly standard buttons
    • Weird back touch pad
    • Camera for some reason
    • Cross-play with PS3 and PS4
    • Remote play
    • Super lightweight!

Our Top PS Vita Games

  • Persona 4 Golden
    • Got Void into the Persona series
    • Got a lot of people into the Persona series!
    • The definitive version of Person 4
  • Final Fantasy (VII through X)
    • Void played FF 7 through 10 on Vita during his playthrough of the entire series
    • (The entire series is technically on there, via either psOne classics or PSP/Vita ports)
  • Gravity Rush
    • Such a weird but interesting game
    • You can control your personal gravity… so you can kinda fly?  By falling?
  • Uncharted Golden Abyss
    • “Console Quality” gaming on a handheld (which was novel before the Switch)
  • Tearaway
    • Tried to use all to features (tilting, back touch pad, camera, etc)
  • Cosmic Star Heroine
    • Beej pre-ordered during an episode of G2G
    • First and only Platinum on PSN, done on Vita
  • Tales of Hearts R
    • Vita-only entry in the Tales series, very fairy-tale-like
  • Trails in the Sky
    • Technically PSP, but a fantastic title
  • Lots of RPGs
    • Lunar: Silver Star Harmony, Disgaea series, Wild Arms XF, Ys: Memories of Celceta…bunches.
  • Lots of ports and indie games
    • Olli Olli, Rogue Legacy, Spelunky, Shovelknight, Minecraft, Axiom Verge, etc

Weekly Geekery


  • Final Fantasy VII Remake
    • Gotta write a full review of this one
    • So much better than I ever expected it would be
    • Made me go back and play FFVII on the Switch
      • Took me roughly an hour to get to where I was at hour 30 in FF7R.


  • Hitman 2
    • Looking for next level to dig into after doing like… everything in “The Finish Line” Miami Mission
      • I think it was like 90 individual achievements
      • Breakdown of them is interesting
        • Guided
          • Literally has giant waypoint indicators, target indicators, and your handler in your earpiece telling you what to do
          • These are the best ways to start getting your head around a level
        • Discovery
          • Find every area of a map
          • Usually about 50 “named” areas
        • Feats
          • Break a fish tank
        • Assassinations
          • Knock someone out with a fish and throw them in a fish tank to kill them
        • Classic
          • Silent Assassin (don’t get spotted)
          • Silent Assassin only using the suit and no disguises
          • Silent Assassin while taking out everyone with a sniper rifle
          • Etc, etc, etc
    • Expansion pass?
    • Legacy Pass?
  • Comixology unlimited
    • Finished reading everything I wanted to!
    • Kind of a weird mix because they don’t own Image, Marvel, or DC
      • A lot of Volume one of comics but then you still have to pay for later volumes
      • You can tell they’re trying to build up their own unique exclusive comics but they haven’t had enough time to get a big backlog yet.
    • Giant Days
      • Read through the full run that was on Comixology Unlimited
      • Through Vol 8
      • The series is just wrapping up in issue format so I might wait until it’s finished and then binge the rest

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