maneater the shark rpg

G2G S5E22 – Maneater the SharkPG, Xenoblade, and Other RPGs – “Bioelectric Fins and Stuff”

In This Episode:

    • Beej
      • Phantasy Star Online 2
        • Geek to Geek is our Alliance on Ship 1. Make sure to ask for an invite from Beej (character) or professorbeej (PlayerID).
      • Star Ocean: First Departure R
        • Played the original for a while back on SNES when it was only available via emulation and fan translation
        • Difficulty Spikes
        • Beautiful graphics
      • Xenoblade Chronicles DE
        • Watched Austin play a bunch
        • Super pretty, remade in the Xenoblade 2 engine
      • Xenoblade Chronicles X
        • Wii U gamepad isn’t as nice as I remember
        • The resolution on the screen stinks for this game
        • But the graphics on the TV are insanely good for a Wii U game
      • Dragon Quest IV
        • The first part of the game is so freaking slow
        • Austin keeps pushing me to get through, so I did
        • It’s much, much better after the initial 4 chapters (7-9ish hours)
    • Void
      • Maneater
        • Shark open world RPG
        • Great if you want to be a shark and eat things
        • Not great if you want a lot of variety
        • I’m enjoying it for what it is
          • But it’s not much more than it looks like at first glance
        • Feeding frenzy if it was turned into an open world RPG
        • This game needs a true lock on so badly
        • Shark upgrades!
          • Bone armor
          • Bioelectric fins
          • Poison Tail
        • Feels like a AA game, the kind we don’t normally get anymore
          • My favorite 7/10 game so far this year
        • Fantastic podcast game
          • Just zone out and be a Shark for awhile
      • Crucible
        • Like overwatch mixed with a MOBA
        • Reminders me of Battleborn… but better
        • Characters and abilities are fun but objective and victory messaging needs work
        • Amazon made a game and no one came to play it
      • Minecraft Dungeons
        • Diablo for kids
        • Wow, this game is amazing for onboarding kids into a loot game
        • Super fun with my kids
        • Enchanting is cool, you can always get enchantments back
      • Scythe
        • One of my favorite books I’ve read this year
        • Premise is a post scarcity world where an AI (the thunderhead) has figured out everything we need
        • Humans no longer die from natural causes
          • So humans have created the Scythedom, which is the only group outside of the Thunderhead’s influence,
          • It’s made up of a group of scythes that kill people because overpopulation is still an issue.
            • Scythes approach their job very differently from one another
      • Picard
        • It’s finally a true modern Star Trek
        • Modern format but still grounded in Star Trek lore and world building.
        • It makes Discovery look amateur in comparison
        • It has that common streaming show problem of going dark and gorey sometimes just because it can, not because the story needs it
        • I want more Star Trek like this… but with an actual star fleet vessel and crew
          • Apply this style of storytelling to that and it would be awesome
          • This isn’t a family friendly Star Trek, but they could use some of the structure and style of this show to make a really good one
        • Why am I not compelled to watch more when I finish an episode!?
      • Crystallo
        • Single player puzzle card game
        • Line up crystals and circles to unlock gems and free spirit animals
        • It’s fun as a quiet single player game where you can put a ton of concentration into it or you can just kinda make decisions instinctually and see how it goes.  The game scales to your mood.

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Void and Beej

Void and Beej

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