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G2G S5E32 – Fall Guys and the Marvel’s Avengers Beta – “We All Fall Down”

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This week we talk about the recent release of Fall Guys and our experiences with the Marvel’s Avengers beta.

Fall Guys is the newest trend in battle royale gaming, only this time it’s not a shooter. It’s a floppy platformer! It’s taken the world by storm, and the servers for this indie blockbuster were down for most of the weekend while they adjusted for the absurd demand for their title. It’s free on PS+ for August 2020, so make sure you grab it if you’re a member.

The thing about Fall Guys is that it’s not terribly great solo. For example, Beej and his wife played separately, and it was fine. But folks who play online with friends or even with couch co-op (no second ps4 controller for Beej’s house) find it to be a lot more fun. So if it wasn’t apparent: you probably want to play Fall Guys with other people, multiplayer. Because its…a multiplayer game.

The Marvel’s Avengers beta is well under way now, too, giving players a first-hand look at Crystal Dynamics’ take on the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Beej likes it a lot, but Void isn’t necessarily sold on it yet. The beta gave them Destiny 2 vibes, some Marvel Ultimate Alliance feels, and juuuuust a dash of PS4 Spider-man.

So if any of that sounds good to you, you should absolutely check it out. In fact, you should check it out regardless. The open beta for the software is going to be coming across every weekend until it’s release, and you can get in on the Marvel’s Avengers Beta on any platform if you check the beta schedule on Square Enix’s website.

Weekly Geekery

We talk about Beej’s X-Files rewatch, Trails of Cold Steel, 5D Chess With Multiverse Time Travel (this will blow your mind!), and some Paper Mario: Origami King, in which Void discusses the text speed and we discover that he reads a lot faster than Beej, who thought he read pretty quickly.

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