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The Geek to Geek Podcast

No matter what you geek out about, we want to geek out with you. This podcast celebrates geekery in all its forms — in a safe, positive space for geeks of all kinds. You won’t find any angry video game nerd rants here!

We discuss balancing families, jobs, and responsibilities while still making time for the geeky things we love. We respect your time, so our show is structured and topical.

So whether you love Nintendo, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, the MCU, Star Wars, Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, Spider-Man, jRPGs, or even gardening or woodworking, we invite you to come geek out with us. 

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Season 4


Season 3


S5E16 – Mini Geekery Grab Bag – “One to one parity”

S3E46 – The Phantom Geekery – “My Eevee VeeVee”

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Season 2

Season 1

S5E16 – Mini Geekery Grab Bag – “One to one parity”

S1E32 – MMOs – “Alright, World of Warcraft it is!”

Massively Multiplayer Online Games In this episode: Our history with MMOs! And y’all, we have some history. We both game to MMOs early in our lives (hooray for the late 90s!). Beej and his friends Ultima Online, while Void was on the other side of the coin and was an...

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