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[Keywords] Spyro and Revision

[Keywords] Spyro and Revision

Spyro: Reignited Trilogy is available on Playstation 4, Switch, XBox One, and Steam I'm not typically wowed by "remastered" graphics. Unless they're truly transformative (in which case the game toes that fuzzy "remaster/remake" line), that's probably the third or...

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Hunt A Killer: Death at the Dive Bar Review

My wife has always been a bit of a crime junky. She recently fell in love with the Crime Junkie podcast. While she binged, I heard about a company called Hunt A Killer. They sell murder mysteries in a box for armchair investigators to solve at home. Think of it as a...

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands (First Impressions)

There's new adventures in the world of Azeroth! Or actually, not really in Azeroth. World of Warcraft’s latest expansion, Shadowlands, released earlier this week. This time, instead of finding a new continent, the heroes explore the afterlife of World of Warcraft...

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Might Just Get Me Into Musou Games Again

All right, I'll admit it. I don't really like Musou games that much. Outside of the Dragon Quest Heroes games, I've never played one. Mosou, or Warriors-like if you prefer that term, have never really appealed to me all that much. I mostly liked Dragon Quest Heroes...

The Eorzean Archive (Part Two): All About Patch 5.25

Every couple of weeks, Final Fantasy XIV players are treated to a slew of new stuff to delve into in the form of content patches. Aside from bug fixes and balance adjustments, they usually include brand new story quests that expand upon the game's ongoing narrative,...


Check out my previous review of Vol1: “Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life” here! While a good chunk of Vol 1 made up most of the first act of the movie, Vol 2: “Scott Pilgrim vs The World” really has a chance to delve into some of the characters and their...

The Wild at Heart and Feeling Adrift

The Wild at Heart is available for PC via Steam or the Humble Store, or on the Microsoft Store. A code for this game was provided by Moonlight Kids and Humble PR. You could compare The Wild at Heart to any number of stories you've seen before. It thrives on a...

Hello Wrold: My History in Amateur GameDev

Even as I type this, the Chrome browser underlines the title of this post with a red squiggle line, begging me to correct the misspelling. It's amusing how we take so many apps and plugins for granted these days. Even professionally when typing emails I always...

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