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Godzilla Minus One is a Period Piece that understands the Point of Godzilla

Godzilla Minus One is an inspired reimagining of everyone's favorite kaiju, seamlessly blending emotional human drama and monster destruction spectacle.

Backpack Hero Mixes Dungeon Delving with Inventory Management!

Backpack Hero is a roguelite dungeon delver with turn-based combat and a focus on organizing your items in a magical…

Why I Can’t Stop Playing Salt and Sacrifice (Nintendo Switch Review)

Salt and sacrifice brought me nothing but suffering, but I can't stop playing. Once I figured it out, I became…

Nova Strike (PC review) – A decent shmup trapped in a Roguelike’s body

Nova Strike has promising vertically-scrolling shmup fundamentals. Unfortunately, its repetitive Roguelike structure magnifies its shortcomings.

Jurassic Park Classic Games Collection (Nintendo Switch Review) – A Bare (Dinosaur) Bones Product

The Jurassic Park Classic Games Collection is a decent way to play seven old games but doesn't do anything to…

Yohane The Parhelion -Blaze in the Deepblue- (Nintendo Switch Review)

Nintendo Switch Review: Even if you have no idea who Yohan The Parhelion is, Blaze in the Deepblue is still…

Teardown (PlayStation 5) Review: Voxels Never Looked So Good!

Review of Teardown on PlayStation 5: This is a stunningly beautiful destruction simulator that tasks you with pulling off high-stake…

Gravity Circuit Loves Mega Man Just as Much as You

Gravity Circuit looks like a Megaman clone with a gimmick, but it executes on that premise perfectly.

Gordian Quest Brings Deckbuilding Mechanics to an RPG Adventure

With cards to collect and nodes to explore, Gordian Quest brings some of my favorite rogue-lite mechanics into a persistent…

Star Trek: Infinite Goes Warp Speed While I’m Stuck at Impulse.

As a lifelong Star Trek fan I want to love the new 4X grand strategy game, but there's so much…
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