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[Keywords] Planetes and Anthology

[Keywords] Planetes and Anthology

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Science fiction thrives on the anthology format. Pick any of the “classics” from a hat – Star Trek, The Dandelion Girl, Asimov’s I, Robot – and it’s a better-than-even chance that the stories don’t take longer than fifty pages or forty-two minutes to tell. There’s a lot to be said for how a tight, focused episode can really drill down on a single idea.

And precious few series wield the strengths of both quite as well as Planetes.

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[Keywords] Rune Factory 5 and Friction

I’ve been a big fan Rune Factory for a while now. It’s probably my favorite blend of the “farm life” style of game, and 4 on the 3DS gobbled up dozens of hours of my life. I was among the first up to bat for the series when it was pronounced no-longer-dead two years ago.

Really, I just want to see this series succeed.

But less than halfway through Rune Factory 5, I’m starting to feel like its time is up.

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