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B.J. Keeton

Review: Dragonbane RPG (Drakar och Demoner) Core Set

Free League's Dragonbane (Drakar och Demoner) is a simple, beautiful reimagining of Sweden's favorite TTRPG that is perfect for both one-shots & long campaigns.
Jay Caplan

A Highland Song (PC Review) – A Longer Hike

A Highland Song combines 2D platforming, adventure game elements, survival mechanics, and rhythm sections into a compelling but occasionally confusing package.
Cosmic collapse title screen. The title is in pixel font on a starry background.
Jay Caplan

Cosmic Collapse (PC Review) – Darth Vader’s favorite Suika-like

Cosmic Collapse trades in Suika's fruit for planets and makes a few smart tweaks to the formula; it's a standout Suika-like puzzle game on PC and Steam Deck.
B.J. Keeton

Review: The Adventure from MyMinyFactory and Free League

The Adventure is a subscription from MyMiniFactory & Free League based on the Dragonbane RPG. It has 5e content and 20+ printables. But is it worth it? Yes.
Jay Caplan

Geek to Geek Media’s Game of the Year Awards 2023

Geek to Geek Media rounds up the best games released in 2023 and crowns our Game of the Year. This may have been the most unpredictable year we've covered yet!
B.J. Keeton

3D Printing Dungeon Terrain for D&D

3D Printing terrain for Dungeons & Dragons is a much cheaper option than buying pre-made and pre-painted sets of D&D dungeon tiles from Etsy or big companies.

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