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Troy Dunham

Dread Delusion is a Morrowind Throwback Aimed Directly at my Heart

Dread Delusion fills me with all sorts of nostalgia in a compact throwback to Elder Scrolls of old... but did it have to include all the Bethesda Jank?
Troy Dunham

After Several Updates, WWE 2K24 is (Only) Decent on Steam Deck

WWE 2K24 is a beefy package that runs okay on the Steam Deck, but is not without some bizarre issues.
Troy Dunham

Minishoot’ Adventures is my Favorite Game of the Year

Even as someone who doesn't love twin-stick gameplay, Minishoot' Adventures take on the Zelda formula is fantastic!
Troy Dunham

Children of the Sun is Weird and Dark and Fantastic!

Take a sniper rifle and telepathic powers and mass murder a cult in this vibey action-puzzler published by Devolver Digital.
The promotional banner image for a twisted tale, showing main character vio stepping out of a purple portal with a puzzle-cube at her feet. Text above her head reads "wow, it's a title font. Someone really make up their mind. "
David Erickson

A Twisted Tale: As Charming as it is Promising [Chapter 1 Review]

A Twisted Tale wears its adoration for cheeky adventure games on its sleeve, proving to be a rock-solid entry into the genre's indie-driven renaissance.
Troy Dunham

Berserk Boy is a Wonderful Game With a Frustrating Structure

Berserk Boy is a phenomenal action platformer inspired by Mega Man that is an easy recommend despite a structure that breaks it's pacing near the end.

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