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Geek to Geek Media is a network of independent creators, dedicated to bringing high-quality content and building strong relationships within our community. All properties are creator-owned, and we have tons of content made just for you — all about the stuff you love! Whether it’s video game reviews, podcasts, livestreams, blogs, a whole magazine, or just good, old-fashioned friendship…we have you covered.

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  • Beej  – Founder (Geek to Geek), Podcaster (Geek to Geek Podcast, Dragon Quest FM), Editor-in-Chief (Geek to Geek Magazine)
  • Void – Founder (Geek to Geek Media), Podcaster (Geek to Geek Podcast, Disney Forever)
  • Elinzia – 2nd-In-Command (Geek to Geek), Co-Editor (Geek to Geek Magazine), Podcaster (The Nerdberg Review), Blogger (The Geekery)
  • Rob – Podcaster-At-Large (And Sometimes Rob)
  • Katie – Podcaster (Tea Time with Katie and Chelsea, You Can’t Stop Me Lovin’ Kpop, Disney Forever)
  • Chelsea – Podcaster (Tea Time with Katie and Chelsea, You Can’t Stop Me Lovin’ Kpop)
  • Joe Hogan – Podcaster (Geektitude)
  • Ray Vargas – Podcaster (Geektitude)
  • Kelley Hightower – Mating Habits of the Modern Geek (18+)


      • Data_Error – Blogger, (The Geekery – Keywords)
      • Capsulejay – Streamer (Twitch), Commissioner of E-sports
      • Troytlepower – Streamer (Twitch), Blogger (Geeks Speak)
      • Steve Wittkamp – Blogger (The Geekery – Schlockoholics Anonymous)
      • Erik Slader – Blogger (The Geekery)
      • AustinPodcaster (Dragon Quest FM, JRPGs and Me), Blogger (Dragon Quest Austin)
      • Scott Sanders – Blogger (The Geekery – Geeky Toy Box)
      • Ben T – Blogger (The Geekery)
      • Todd – Podcaster (The Nerdberg Review), Blogger (The Geekery)
      • BamaShockz – Streamer (Twitch – King of the Heal)
      • Ariel – Blogger (The Geekery)

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