[Keywords] Spyro and Revision

Spyro: Reignited Trilogy is available on Playstation 4, Switch, XBox One, and Steam I'm not typically wowed by "remastered" graphics. Unless they're truly transformative (in which case the game toes that fuzzy "remaster/remake" line), that's probably the third or...

[Keywords] ReLIFE and Hanging Back

ReLIFE is available on Crunchyroll and Funimation in the U.S. This article primarily reflects the original manga, which is not currently available in English. Anime has a problem with its leading characters. Not all of them, mind - Spike Spiegel is wonderfully messy,...

[Keywords] OMORI and Distress

[Keywords] OMORI and Distress

OMORI is available on Steam. As a general rule, I don't enjoy horror. I personally blame Disney World's entirely-too-effective Alien Encounter, but any root cause happened so long ago that it almost doesn't matter. The long-term effect is that, for functionally my...

Book of Travels – Review

Book of Travels – Review

Release date: October 11, 2021, Early Access AvailablePrice: $29.99Rating: Unrated (Appropriate for All Ages)Platform: PC via Steam A code for this game was provided by Might and Delight. Foreword I've been playing Book of Travels for days...

[Keywords] Maison Ikkoku and Codifiers

Maison Ikkoku is not currently available to stream. The manga is available from Viz Media and very likely at your local library. I'm probably not the right person to give you a long-lived, researched perspective on Maison Ikkoku. While the manga has technically been...



Release date: September 30, 2021Price: $19.99Rating: T (Teen) for Blood and ViolencePlatform: Switch, PS4, Microsoft Storefront, and PC via Steam, GoG, and Humble Store A code for this game was provided by Humble Games and Studio Pixel...

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