G2G S4E43 – The State of Star Wars – “The first got me excited, this got me crazy excited”

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Where are we at with Star Wars now?  How are we feeling about it?

Void feels like he’s about ready for a rewatch of the entire movie series

BJ is excited again after the newest trailer, and he’s done with the toxic fandom that permeates Star Wars now

Books and Comics

  • Void is getting back into the novels after taking a short break from them
    • Just finished Thrawn, reading Lost Stars visual novel soon, eyeing Force Collector, started Master and Apprentice
  • BJ stopped reading the second Thrawn novel (listening to) and started Life Debt, the second Aftermath novel. Thrawn Alliances was good, but the narrative was really disjointed. He did like the weird Buddy Cop thing that Thrawn and Anakin (and Thrawn and Vader) had going on though. He will go back.
  • BJ is reading through different comics on Marvel Unlimited. 
    • The Phasma comic is really good, shows what happens right after TFA. She’s a terrible human being.
    • Starting back in on the main title series
    • Some one-offs and such, too.
    • Looking forward to the Kylo Ren comic (

Board Games

  • Star Wars Outer Rim
    • Bounty hunters and scoundrels
    • Bounties, jobs, cargos, ships, crew, gear, special powers
    • It was super fun
    • Theme is extremely strong and works really well
    • Single player variant too (want to try in the future)
    • Boba Fett, IG-88, Jyn Erso, Doctor Aphra were the four characters we used in our game
  • Now I’m thinking about giving Star Wars Imperial Assault a shot with my kids since I think they might be old enough
  • We still do Star Wars Destiny (the dice game) occasionally too

Video Games

  • I’m excited for Fallen Order
    • BJ preordered it, despite having major reservations
  • BJ started Battlefront 2’s single player campaign. He kind of hates it. 
    • The story is so interesting. The gameplay is so…not. 
    • Even on Easy, it is frustrating because the game engine seems to get in its own way
  • BJ got Jedi Outcast on Switch.
    • Really bad at FPS games. 
    • Found cheats to put on God mode until you get your lightsaber
    • May do the “get all stuff” cheat until I get to the point where I get the saber, then just warp there and save it as a new game. 
    • I had forgotten it takes way too long

New Rise of Skywalker Trailer

  • Looks cool!
  • Doesn’t tell us a ton about what’s happening in the story but I’m happy about that
    • Only huge properties like Star Wars or the MCU can do a tone piece trailer like this and actually get away with it without hurting ticket sales
  • I’m super excited that I don’t know what to expect going into this movie
    • BJ has been falling down the spoiler and leak hole since the trailer dropped

The Mandalorian

  • Two weeks!
    • Weekly releases, though. Grr.
  • New trailer makes it look even more awesome
  • Did some reading and the digital backgrounds were actually done in the Unreal Engine so they could be rendered faster, cheaper, and in real-time

Weekly Geekery

Outer Worlds

  • What is Fallout 4 was more sci fi and less 50s?
  • By the people who made Fallout New Vegas and KOTOR2
  • So much funnier than Fallout (but still in that dystopia style)
  • Corporate dystopia theming works for me
  • Touches on a lot of modern day concerns around companies and capitalism and company loyalty
  • Lots of Firefly, Mass Effect, Fallout, and Bioshock vibes in a good way
  • Companions, mass effect vibes, kaylee
  • Made a talkie character.  I feel like it rarely works out in game so when I try it I quickly give up but it totally worked in this game.  Talking plus leadership was awesome
  • Probably 15-20 hours all in for me.  For most people, I’m guessing this is a 30 to 40 hour game (I skip voice acting and read fast).
  • Right when the game started to feel samey and I would think about quitting a Fallout game… that’s when the run up to the end started.  This game has a lot of content but I’m glad it’s not a massive open world
  • Instead, it’s a series of connected smaller open world locations that can be wildly different because they’re on different planets
  • I’m tempted to play through it again as a murderous main character and see how well it adapts. It seems super adaptable
  • Star Wars Thrawn Treason
    • Third in the Thrawn trilogy
    • Takes place before the end of Star Wars Rebels
    • About the internal political maneuvering in the empire related to the Death Star and tie defender projects.
    • Does a lot of work to introduce the Chiss beyond just Thrawn
    • Feels like the end of the Thrawn series
  • Throne of Eldraine: Wildered Quest
    • Story much more comprehensible than War of the Spark because there are a lot less characters
    • I like the new plane they’ve created for this set so they story in that setting worked for me
    • I want to know more about what happens next with the main characters!
  • Every Tool’s a Hammer
    • Adam Savage
    • About Making
    • So many types of making, I love it
  • Final Fantasy Lost Stranger Vol 3
Void and Beej

Void and Beej

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