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Author: Ben T

Ben T

3 Reasons to Level RIGHT NOW in the WoW Shadowlands Pre-Patch

Though it could still use some tuning and adjustments, the Shadowlands leveling experience remains an overall win for World of Warcraft
Ben T

WoW Shadowlands: How Do You Choose a Main?

One of my greatest joys going into any new World of Warcraft expansion release is theorycrafting and speculating on what class I’ll end up playing, or “maining,” for the new adventures. Shadowlands is no different. World of Warcraft expansions have a tendency to drastically change how classes and their individual…
Ben T

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition (Nintendo Switch First Impressions)

For a game that encourages multiplayer, FFCCcertainly more accessible than ever but has the potential to be even more frustrating than the original limitations due to some puzzling design decisions
Ben T

CrossCode (Nintendo Switch First Impressions)

CrossCode originally released to critical acclaim, but how does the Switch version fare? Pretty well...for the most part. Here are some first impressions!

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