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Author: Scott Sanders

Scott Sanders

[Geekery Toy Box] A Few of My Favorite Things

The past few times I have posted, I talked about upcoming toys and collectibles that have been announced, but due to COVID 19 those have been far and between recently and most of the new things that have been announced so far in 2020 have been delayed. So to distract…
Scott Sanders

[Geekery Toy Box] Baby Yodas For Days!

If you are a fan of Star Wars, or if you have any type of social media account, then you are going to know The Child, The Meme that Keeps on Giving, or what the adoring masses know to be Baby Yoda. Baby Yoda, from the hit Disney+ show The…
Scott Sanders

[Geekery Toy Box] Star Wars Goodies!

Starting today, we're bringing you regular posts about all the cool collectibles that have us excited here at Geek to Geek. For his first post, Scott takes a look at all the amazing Star Wars goodies that are currently out and releasing soon! “This is the Way” Before The Mandalorian…

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