Amigurumi of the Week Snorlax

Amigurumi of the Week: Snorlax

My favorite Pokémon is Snorlax. He’s basically my spirit animal. He’s big and fat, sleeps all the time, and he owns that about himself. I already have several little Snorlax knickknacks. So, continuing with my Summer of Amigurumi, it made sense to create a new Snorlax to add to my collection.

A group of snorlax - amigurumi of the week: snorlax
<em>A snippet of the Snorlax collection<em>

Two of them!

Two snorlax - amigurumi of the week: snorlax

Yes, there are actually two amigurumi there to show. The big one I made last year, and the little guy I made this week. While they are both cute, the little one is my favorite (he’s so chonky!).

So the Little One First…

Chonky little snorlax - amigurumi of the week: snorlax
<em>Chonky Little Snorlax<em>

This little Snorlax was made using Caron Simply Soft Yarn (because it’s my favorite and I use it for pretty much everything) and following this FREE pattern by KnotBadAmi. Vincent from Knot Bad makes a lot of amazing patterns. I have several of them on my “to make” list so you may see them pop up again throughout my Summer of Amigurumi. Actually, I know you will. So, check out their stuff. It’s FREE!

I really didn’t alter anything for this pattern other than the type of yarn used. I was able to complete him in about 5 hours (with frequent interruptions). Overall, he was a lot of fun to make and adorable as a finished product.

Next Up, The Big Guy

Snorlax next to my cat - amigurumi of the week: snorlax
<em>Hes the same size as my cat although he weighs less<em>

I’m just catching the irony in that I call the little guy my “chonky” Snorlax, while this Snorlax is BIG. Seriously, he’s as big as my cat. Or slightly bigger perhaps. I made this guy over a year ago and just used scrap yarn that I had on hand. If I were to redo him, I’d use a lighter tan for his belly and face… but he is still fun. Maybe he just got too much sun while lounging on the beach and got a little tan.

For this giant guy, I used another FREE pattern. This one is from Mia Hand Crafter and is easy to read and fun to make. Just make sure you have a lot of Polyfil for him.

Will I Make More? Yes

I still have several other patterns for Snorlax amigurumi to make. For now, these two are proudly joining my collection on my bright yellow Pokémon shelf. Perhaps it will become a yearly tradition to add one.

My yellow shelf - amigurumi of the week: snorlax

If you have made or do make any Snorlax, I’d love to see your finished results! Have fun, and happy hooking!

Carrie Lambertsen

Carrie Lambertsen

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