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Among Us Custom Games without Mods

Among Us is currently one of the most popular games around, and Among Us custom games are becoming more and more popular, too. The Game Awards 2020 awarded Among Us with Best Multiplayer Game and Best Mobile Game. Our own Geek to Geek Awards 2020 honored it with Biggest Touchstone Game. The game itself is easy and fun for people of almost all ages, and playing multiplayer online is truly simple.

The three-person team of developers at Innersloth are working hard on creating new content for the game. In the meantime, however, many people have been coming up with their own Among Us custom games to keep the game fresh.

Naturally, as with most PC games, this customization can includes mods. They don't have to, though. You can enter into several custom game styles if you don’t want to risk downloading and installing Among Us mods. Here are a few of the most popular fan-created gameplay modes that you can try without anything other than the base game. And some communication with your group.


Custom game mode, hide-and-seek

The hide-and-seek style of gameplay needs to be agreed upon by everyone and works best when playing with friends or family you know and trust as it is all about house rules.

Based on the traditional in-person game hide-and-seek, the rules are essentially the same. In many ways, the goals of hide-and-seek are the same as a typical Among Us game. However, tweaking various technical settings makes it more unique.

  • Set the speed to 1.5x to 3x speed
  • Crewmate visibility of 2x to 5x, while Impostor visibility is set to 0.25x
  • Kill cooldown should be changed to 15 seconds and a short kill distance
  • Having 6-9 tasks for crewmates.

On top of the game settings, the Impostor must identify themselves at the beginning of the game. (How different is that?)

The Impostor then counts to 20 (or however long your house rules warrant) while the crewmates scatter. The crewmates must continue to complete tasks while hiding from the Impostor. The Impostor is not allowed to use vents or any form of sabotage. It is also frowned upon to use any of the security camera systems in the game to see where others are.

To win, the Impostor must kill the crewmates before they complete all their tasks. No emergency meetings should be called, as everyone knows who the Impostor is anyway! The crewmates must simply hide from the Impostor and perform all their tasks in order to win.

In hide-and-seek you can play around with settings to see what works best for you.

No Meetings, No Votes

No meeting, no votes

The name for this makes it pretty straight forward. Another house rules game, crewmates cannot call meetings to vote out the Impostor. Neither from the console nor when a body is found.

To win, the crewmates must stay alive and complete all of their tasks. The Impostor must win by killing every crewmate before they finish their tasks. However, everyone who is alive may talk to each other (ghosts cannot talk). Therefore, if someone knows who the Impostor is, they can tell the others who to avoid. The Impostor is still not voted off the ship even if everyone knows who it is but can continue to murder and sabotage all they want.

In the settings for this game, you will want to turn off emergency meetings at the very least. Play around with other settings to see what works best for your group. You may prefer to have the visual tasks turned off and to change the number of tasks required.

The Gauntlet

Amogn us custom game mode, the gauntlet

Playing this custom mini-game for Among Us takes a lot of cooperation in following house rules. It still involves the Impostors wanting to kill everyone and the crewmates having tasks to complete. However there is a drastically different method of achieving these goals. There should be 2 or 3 Impostors in the game for this to work, and a lot of communication.

Because this time, only one person heads out of the spawn point at a time.

Crewmates decide who will go first, and the Impostors do the same. The chosen crewmate goes first and runs out to finish their tasks. About 20 seconds later, the first Impostor can charge out to try to find and kill the crewmate. No sabotaging or locking doors is allowed in this game.

If the crewmate successfully finishes their tasks and makes it back, then an Emergency Meeting is held and the Impostor is voted out. If the Impostor was able to murder the crewmate, however, then they return to the spawn point and a new crewmate and a new Impostor head out for their turn for a 1v1.

Dynamic Duo

Among us custom games

This mini-game has very little changed from the standard game. There must be 2 Impostors. It is called Dynamic Duo, after all.

At the beginning of the game, the Impostors speak privately to each other to decide who will do the murdering and who will do the sabotaging. Each of them will only be allowed to perform that action. The Impostor can sabotage will then call an Emergency Meeting to let everyone know that they are the Impostor who will sabotage. At this point, they are immediately voted off, so they can return as a ghost who is then only capable of sabotaging the ship.

The game then continues as normal.

So Many More Among Us Custom Games

So many different Among Us custom games have popped up over the past year. With the game's surge in popularity, focus on community and interaction, and tweakable settings, the sky's the limit when it comes to making Innersloth's indie darling into a perfect fit for you and your gaming group.

What has been your favorite way to homebrew some Among Us gameplay so far?

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