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The most important part of geekdom is the people. We want to get together and talk about what it’s like to be responsible adults with jobs and families while still making time for the things we love. We want to make friends and, most importantly, make sure that everyone feels appreciated and that there’s a place for them. So whether your love is video games, comic books, movies, TV, fitness, knitting, woodworking, whatever…come geek out with us.

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S4E18 – SteamWorld Quest – “Cards are an aesthetic”

In This Episode: We cover a quick main topic of SteamWorld Quest, and then we jump into an extra long Weekly Geekery since we skipped it for our Avengers Endgame spoilercast last week.   In short, the SteamWorld games are pretty fantastic. They take a steampunk look...

S4E17 – Avengers Endgame Spoilercast – “Emotionally Devastated in Different Ways”

In This Episode: We have a spoiler-filled discussion about Avengers Endgame. Like a lot of spoilers. Spoilers on top of spoilers.  We even manage to throw some extra spoiler discussion at the end about Game of Thrones Season 8. But even the GoT stuff is right at...

S4E16 – Star Wars Episode IX Trailer – “Jedi Backflips”

In This Episode: We discuss the Star Wars Episode IX trailer and our hype for the final entry in the Skywalker saga.  You have heard us talk a lot about Star Wars in the past, and we thought you'd like to hear this, too. Instead of going into a lot of detail here in...

S4E15 – Magic The Gathering & #MTGArena – “Sad Tacos”

In This Episode: We discuss Magic: The Gathering and the new(ish) Magic: The Gathering Arena PC game. We wanted to do this primarily so that we could tackle the subject from the perspective of someone who is pretty new to the game (Void), as well as someone who has a...

S4E14 – Video Game Remasters – “Remasters of the Universe”

In This Episode: We discuss remasters in all shapes and sizes including the good and the bad.   We wanted to talk about this because Void is working through the remaster of Assassin's Creed 3, and it gave him a lot of thoughts about how the new games have a lot...

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Geek to Geek Podcaster, co-founder of Geek to Geek Media


Geek to Geek Podcaster, co-founder of Geek to Geek Media.

Ken Murray

Executive Producer – Geek to Geek Podcast , Patron Saint of Geekery

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S2E14 – Who is Joss Whedon? – “Whedonesque!”

Joss Whedon In this episode: We talk about the works and history of Joss Whedon! Weekly geekery includes Photoshop, Persona 5, S-Town Podcast, and Running! Be sure to subscribe to the Geek to Geek Podcast your favorite podcast app, drop a review so we know how we’re...

Season 1

S1E46 – Best Video Games of 2016 – “A top 6… I guess?”

Best Video Games of 2016 In this episode: Like a great many other podcasts, we are hopping on the “best of” train, and we’re gonna be discussing our best video games of 2016. Now this isn’t only games that came out this year, but games that we played this year. We...

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