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The most important part of geekdom is the people. We want to get together and talk about what it’s like to be responsible adults with jobs and families while still making time for the things we love. We want to make friends and, most importantly, make sure that everyone feels appreciated and that there’s a place for them. So whether your love is video games, comic books, movies, TV, fitness, knitting, woodworking, whatever…come geek out with us.

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S4E33 – Podcast Movement 2019 – “Navel Gazing Hug Attack”

In This Episode: BJ went to Podcast Movement 2019 and loved it! He got so much from it, and he wants to talk about all the takeaways that he got regarding the industry, being a creator, being a listener, and just how things can move forward in the future. What is...

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Geek to Geek Podcaster, co-founder of Geek to Geek Media


Geek to Geek Podcaster, co-founder of Geek to Geek Media.

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S2E14 – Who is Joss Whedon? – “Whedonesque!”

Joss Whedon In this episode: We talk about the works and history of Joss Whedon! Weekly geekery includes Photoshop, Persona 5, S-Town Podcast, and Running! Be sure to subscribe to the Geek to Geek Podcast your favorite podcast app, drop a review so we know how we’re...

Season 1

S1E46 – Best Video Games of 2016 – “A top 6… I guess?”

Best Video Games of 2016 In this episode: Like a great many other podcasts, we are hopping on the “best of” train, and we’re gonna be discussing our best video games of 2016. Now this isn’t only games that came out this year, but games that we played this year. We...

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