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A New Paper Mario Game in July? Sign Me Up!

Nintendo announced that Paper Mario: The Origami King is going to be released on July 17, 2020 for the Switch! And it seems like this title is going to be leaning into the paper side of Paper Mario more than ever. And I think that’s pretty okay. More than that. I think it’s spectacular, and it has become my new most-wanted game of the year.

Having been a fan of Paper Mario since they very first installment on the Nintendo 64, this one is a Day One Purchase(tm) for me. If there is a collector’s edition, you can bet your sweet fanny I’ll nab it quick. Let’s just hope if that’s the case that North America gets a cool one like the UK. But that’s not been the case for other recent releases. But that’s a tangent. Anyway..

Paper Mario, for those who don’t know, are basically the spiritual successors to the SNES classic Super Mario RPG. Which is still one of the greatest games ever made. The other successor series, Superstar Saga, is just as amazing. If you’re interested to see what kind of role-playing goodness Mario and friends have gotten into, there’s a lot out there to love. (My personal favorite has been Super Paper Mario.)

Paper mario origami king battle system - a new paper mario game in july? Sign me up!

That said, the new Paper Mario game looks amazing, and as always, they’re doing some fun stuff with the battle system. I have no idea what we’re looking at in the picture above, but it’s definitely following tradition in being something other than the tried-and-true, Attack-Magic-Item-Flee battles.

And the art style? Combining the cool sticker look we usually have, the awesome kind of paper mache look we see in some Yoshi titles, and now the origami style, too? This is going to be one of the prettiest games on Nintendo Switch. Just you wait.

Paper mario samus helmet - a new paper mario game in july? Sign me up!

Anyway, I just wanted to make sure that you knew about this great news. (Wait, great news in 2020? Is this an alternate dimension? hah!) With it being the 35th anniversary of the Mario series, I bet we’re going to have a bunch more surprises before the year’s done.

What do you think about Paper Mario: The Origami King? Looking forward to it? Are you gonna be replaying any old titles to prep? Let us know in the comments or on Discord!

B.J. Keeton

B.J. Keeton

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