Dragon Quest FM, S2E5: Ten Reasons We Love Dragon Quest! (Valentine’s Day Special)

Welcome to a special Valentine's Day episode of Dragon Quest FM! This week, we're counting down the Ten Reasons We LOVE Dragon Quest. B.J. was sick and didn't have a voice, so Austin's wife Grace fills in for him. It's Valentine's, after all, so it makes perfect sense!

So, what's our top ten reasons for loving DQ? You'll have to listen to find out! Plus, we share comments from folks online who were kind enough to share their own reasons for loving Dragon Quest: whether it's that special feeling you get from playing the games, the love you feel for adorable blue slimes, or that fuzzy feeling you get from listening to Koichi Sugiyama's music.

We also discuss that time Grace was a goblin for an entire day, B.J.'s expensive rainbow unicorn cake, and succulents. Yes, succulents.

Link to Big Shark Gaming's YouTube channel, where you can watch the DQMJ videos is right here.

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Dragon Quest FM

Dragon Quest FM

Dragon Quest FM is a weekly Dragon Quest podcast hosted by Austin and B.J.!


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