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DQFM S2 E15 – All About Sylvando, Darling (Dragon Quest XI Character Spotlight)

by | Apr 24, 2020 | Dragon Quest FM

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This week on Dragon Quest FM we're celebrating Sylvando! He is everyone's favorite character (well, maybe not everyone, but he ranked #1 in the poll from Famitsu), and he has some of the most personality of any JRPG character we've ever seen. Or maybe even any video game character, if we're being honest.

Austin says that Sylvando is his favorite video game character ever. Ever. Possibly (probably?) even surpassing Vivi from Final Fantasy IX. Which is absurd because he is insanely in love with FFIX. That's high praise.

We discuss the various outfits that Sylvando has during the game, from the fabulous peacock tail and its variants, his gadabout jester digs, and the dapper doublet that wound up making its way into Beej's heart early on and never letting go.

Regarding gameplay, we talk about how we used him in our party pretty much all the time, either as a spot healer because of Hustle Dance or the fantastic support abilities that he provides for both offense and defense. Overall, he's just a strong character that can do roughly anything he puts his mind to, darling.

And we can't not talk about the acting. The voice actor for Sylvando has very few credits to his name, but we hope to see him in more after the fantastic job he did in DQXI. This is the stuff of awards, we think, but he didn't win any. We are, however, going to follow him into any other games, much like we do Troy Baker of The Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite fame.

Also, Beej disappoints Austin terribly as a human being and becomes a little less in his eyes. But you want to find out what he did to get hit with such judgment? You're going to have to listen to find out, darlings. Where's the fun in telling it all up front?

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