Dragon Quest FM S2 E24 – Dragon Quest IV Deep Dive (Episode One): Let’s Talk About History and Legacy!

It's the first in our Deep Dive series of Dragon Quest IV!

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This week, we're starting off by discussing the history of Dragon Quest IV (Dragon Warrior IV on the NES in the States) and some of the behind-the-scenes stuff that was happening while the game was being made, as well as the making of the DS Remake and Enix's failed attempt to get a PS1 remake to the West in 2002. We also discuss some of the DQ IV spin-offs and media, like the Princess Alena manga and characters appearing in other DQ anime.

In the second half of the show we discuss the legacy DQ IV has left, in terms of both the series and video games in general. We talk about the series “firsts” that exist in IV, and what changes were made (or weren't made) in the remakes. Whether you want some info on the wagon, Tactics, DQ ballet, or Yuji Horii's thoughts on IV–we've got it all jam-packed in this first episode. 

Next week, we'll be discussing the playable characters and companions more in-depth!

You can listen to Slime Time, which we discussed during our community spotlight segment, by clicking here. You can also find the link to the Dragon Warrior VII manual we talk about in this episode by clicking here.

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