Dragon Quest FM, S2E8: Snack World vs. Dragon Quest of the Stars

by | Mar 6, 2020 | Dragon Quest FM

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This week, we're talking about two games we've been playing a ton: Level'-5's Snack World and the mobile game Dragon Quest of the Stars! Last week, we geeked out over Dragon Quest of the Stars. Since then, we've spent a quite a bit of time with the game. So, this week we share where we're at in the main story, our progress against defeating the Dragonlord and Malroth, and cool gear drops we've gotten.

We also give a REAL NICE THANK YOU to Lindsey Dohse, our newest patron. We announce the winner of our March giveaway, and talk just a bit about Austin's foray in Dragon Quest X (which we're getting into next week).

Then, it's time for the good stuff! We compare and contrast Snack World and DQS, games that have a surprising amount in common. We talk about loot drops, crafting, upgrading equipment, dungeon runs, enemies, combat, and so much more! We also have a lengthy discussion about how wacky and wonderful both games are, and why we love their quirkiness so much. You can read the Geek to Geek video game review of Snack World right here.

If you'd like to listen to another podcast on Snack World, be sure to check out our friends from The Nerdberg Review, who just did an entire episode on how awesome it is.

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