S3E34 – What’s an Evergreen game? – “In the woods with worms”

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Evergreen Games in 2018

In this episode:

  • This week we discuss the current state of evergreen games and how they relate to games we replay.  What makes a game evergreen compared to one that you revisit?
  • The difference comes in pretty similarly for both of us. We tend to look at evergreen games in a way that doesn’t have a definite end, but even still, there are games that we approach over and over again for finite content packs that we consider evergreen.
  • There are different genres that we feel fit the evergreen mold more than others (FPS games and CCG games, for instance, over JRPGs or action-adventure.) But we somehow manage to find exceptions there that make us incredibly happy.
  • And there are movies and tv shows like this, too! At least for BJ. He gets emotionally attached to characters and stories in a way Void doesn’t, and we discuss how that affects what we watch and consider familiar and comfortable.

Weekly Geekery

  • BJ is still playing WoW but also squeezed in a vacation weekend in the woods with glow worms!  He’s also prepping to get back into tabletop RPGs with Star Wars: Edge of the Empire!
  • Void listened to the backlog of Masters of Scale, is getting close to giving up on his phone because he can’t play Legend of Soulguard without it crashing, and had some fun at the arcade with the giant claw machine.

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