S3E49 – Year-End Geekery – “The most delightful sandwich I’ve eaten in years”

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Year-End Geekery

In this episode:

  • Void and Beej catch up on things that need to be said before the end of the year. The end of the year is hectic for everyone, and we have a lot of stuff that needs to be talked about before Season 4 of the podcast rolls out.
  • Beej’s stuff:
    • BJ ate a really good sandwich… like… really good. Holy moly.
    • The Dragon Prince
      • Frame-rate thing is interesting.
      • Rayla’s Scottish accent seemed so fake, but the actress is Scottish
      • Reminds me of Ni No Kuni 2 because it’s a pseudo-lighthearted fantasy
      • Season 2 was greenlit. Yay!
    • Overwatch
      • New Symmetra. Again, holy moly. So much goodness.
    • Legends of Aria – https://www.legendsofaria.com
      • Formerly Shards Online
      • Early Access right now
      • Pretty much is old-school UO.
      • 30 bucks for the initial buy-in.
      • Steam in January.
      • Fully supports player mods and servers
    • Ralph Breaks the Internet
      • Not quite as good as the first one. But still really fun.
      • The Disney princesses were by far the highlight
    • Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 2
      • Just a good show, ya know?
  • Void’s stuff:
    • Persona 5 art book! So stylish!
    • Off to be the Wizard
      • Is this LitRPG? I don’t know where that line is drawn exactly.
      • The premise of the book is that someone finds a file that controls all the variables in the world and uses it to essentially become a wizard (with the use of computer skills). It’s essentially a geek power fantasy.
    • The Coming Storm (Audible Original) about Weather Data
      • Government data that’s been collected but never really been uploaded to the cloud
      • Communication and psychology problems of weather warnings and alerts
    • Starlink Battle for Atlas
      • It’s like Starfox, No Man’s Sky, and an Ubisoft open world game had a baby
      • Hand-crafted solar system
      • Fun exploring
      • Combat is surprisingly fun because you get to mix and match weapons on the fly
      • There’s an actual story
      • This is also a pretty good Starfox game (Beej agrees. It’s a great Starfox game.)
    • Minecraft story mode on Netflix
      • Choose your own adventure on Netflix. Pretty neat.
    • RDR2 Online
      • Seems like a much better fit for the world they’ve created
      • There’s also still so much riding around between interesting things. Longing for more fast travel options
      • Co-op story missions are fun
      • Some of the competitive playlists are fun
      • I bet this would be great with a regular group of friends if you can schedule that into your life
    • Hitman 2
    • More of the same in a really good way!
    • Plus, if you own season 1 you get all those maps for free in the season 2 engine with the new items and elements
    • New maps! Some are awesome I love the intricate systems. It’s a mix of puzzles, logic, learning, mastery of a level, and execution. It’s everything I loved about Hitman Season 1 but even more.
    • This is probably one of my favorite games of all time (replacing Hitman Season 1) since it has all of season 1 in it for me. Or you can buy the season 1 content to add it to Hitman 2 for like $20.
  • Spider-Man Turf Wars DLC
  • It’s about Yuri and Hammerhead and the escalating mafia family gang war
  • I miss Black Cat but she’ll probably show up again in the last DLC I’m guessing
  • Not as strong as the first chapter of this 3 part DLC but I’m still glad I got it and I’m excited for the third one

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